Line them up or stack. Create the perfect fit.

With MUJI's storage supplies, you can choose from a variety of sizes and combine them freely to match your usage and space.
We will share some examples of the various ways these supplies can be stacked, lined up and otherwise combined to suit any kind of space or lifestyle.


Perfect for closets and wardrobes

By combining cases of different heights to fit the space inside a closet or wardrobe, you can tidily store all kinds of clothes. You can choose a length that matches the space where the cases are arranged — 65cm to fit a wardrobe or 55cm to fit a closet.

View items recommended for storage
View items recommended for storage
    • T-shirts and bottoms

    With the most convenient size, you can easily store and remove T-shirts and other thin clothing.

    • Innerwear and small items

    This size is ideal for storing innerwear such as shirts and underpants, as well as small items like socks and handkerchiefs.

    • Tops

    For storing slightly bulkier clothes like sweater and sweatshirts, we recommend using a deep case.

Closet and wardrobe storage set

Storage tips

Keep the inside of your case tidy.

When storing small items like socks and handkerchiefs, we recommend making partitions in the case and arranging your items into the different sections.By using polystyrene partition boards and nonwoven fabric partition cases to create sections for particular items, you can make it easier to understand where to put things.

Perfect for under beds

Although it is often overlooked, the space under a bed makes an excellent spot for storing larger items due to its length. We will show you how to store items under a bed using a polypropylene case. You can choose from two different heights to match the height of your bed.

View items recommended for storage
View items recommended for storage
    • Loungewear and pajamas

    Sets of pajamas for the upper and lower body and loungewear are surprisingly bulky. By storing them under your bed, you can conveniently keep them separate from your other clothes.

    • Bed covers and other bedding

    By storing bed covers or other large sheets under your bed, you can change sheets with less hassle.

    • Clothing that is out of season

    If you put all of the clothes that are out of season and you do not regularly wear together into a case, you can simply switch out the case whole when the season arrives.

Under bed storage set

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Perfect for storing stocks of items

For stocks of food and other daily necessities, try gathering together each type of item into these slightly large boxes.
Since this case has wheels, it can be easily moved to various spots around the kitchen. That allows you to keep it out of the way when cleaning, or even use it as a temporary stand for placing small things.

View items recommended for storage
View items recommended for storage
    • Prepackaged food and canned food

    Try storing food that does not require refrigeration in this case. It will help save space in the refrigerator.

    • Plastic wrap and plastic bags

    We recommend storing plastic wrap, plastic bags and other things that you often use around the kitchen in this case.

    • Detergent refill packs

    If you gather your dishwasher detergent in one place, you can tell at a glance how much remains and when you need to purchase more.

Stock storage set

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Storage tips

Keep heavy items towards the bottom.

When storing items of various weights together, you should be mindful where you place heavy items.

If you place relatively heavy items like canned food or containers of liquid at the top, when you move the case, its center of gravity will be unstable. Additionally, due to the extra load, the case may even bend.

We recommend placing heavy items as close to the bottom as possible.

Perfect for storing small items For small items that tend to scatter around and get lost, we recommend storing them in partitions corresponding to their use. We will show you the ideal way to organize small items in polypropylene cases.

View items recommended for storage
View items recommended for storage
    THIN 2R 37X26X9CM
    • Stationery and medicine

    You can neatly store various small items like stationery and medicine by separating them into each space.

    THIN 37X26X9CM
    • Letters and documents

    This is the perfect place for storing documents, such as important letters or mail that has not yet been sorted.

    SHALLOW 37X26X12CM
    • Tools

    If you keep tools and other things with a defined purpose together in one place, you can easily retrieve them whenever the need arises.

Small item storage set

Storage tips

Keep it easy to understand from above.

An important rule for storing small items is to make many divisions. Try placing small cases or trays inside a drawer and sorting your small items into them. If you take care to ensure that everything is laid out in a way that is easy to understand from above, you will be able to find what you need quickly.

We recommend using a makeup box or makeup tray for organizing items in drawers.


Perfect for storage inside a refrigerator

For refrigerators, which tend to get messy if you are not careful, we recommend using soft polyethylene cases for storing items. These cases have superb coldness and water resistance and can be washed with water, so they stay clean. You can choose one that fits the height of your refrigerator shelf, allowing you to make the best of the limited space.

View items recommended for storage
View items recommended for storage
    • Small packaged food

    Small items have a tendency to become disorganized, even inside a refrigerator. If you put them together in one place, you can keep them neatly organized.

    • Canned beverages and bottles

    By stacking cans and bottles that tend to take up space together in a slightly large case, you can save space and easily take out what you need.

Refrigerator storage set

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Storage tips

Label containers for ease of use.

To help you understand where everything is at a glance, we recommend neatly sorting and labeling your containers. If your family members can easily understand how the containers are sorted, the inside of your refrigerator will stay tidy without effort. Also, if you keep the contents of your refrigerator organized, you can quickly find what you need and reduce the time that the refrigerator is open.


Perfect for storing laundry products

Normally, it is difficult to retrieve items above the washing machine, but by skillfully using file boxes, that space can be used to store laundry products, too. We will show you some examples of skillfully storing items of varying heights, such as laundry detergent, refill packs and laundry hangers, together in one place.

View items recommended for storage
View items recommended for storage
    • Laundry detergent

    Laundry detergent needs to be used and put back frequently. If you keep it in a box of reduced height, you can take it out and put it back easily.

    • Laundry hangers

    You can reduce the time you spend hanging laundry by keeping your laundry hangers within reach.

    • Detergent refill packs

    Refilling is easy when you store laundry-related items next to the washing machine.

Laundry product storage set

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Storage tips

You will be glad to have these round holes.

These file boxes each have a round hole open on one side. You can pull the box by putting your finger in the hole, which allows you to easily retrieve it even if placed above your eye level. Normally, it is difficult to retrieve items above the washing machine, but with these file boxes, you can use that area as a convenient storage space.