JWS Internationally Approved Rockers

JWS Internationally Approved Rockers
Internationally Approved Rocker Switches
  • 6A Power Level; Snap-in Mount, High Inrush TV Rated, UL, CSA, cULus, VDE
  • Rocker caps and housing available in a variety of colors.
  • Protective barrier available to prevent accidental actuation.
  • Constructed for dust resistance with interior cover of polyamide between actuator and contact area.
LW-Series High Capacity Screw Mount Illuminated Rocker Switches
Power-Rated Snap-in Illuminated?Rocker Switches
  • 20A Power Level; Frame Mount, High Capacity, 110V Neon Lamp
  • Single pole, single-throw device with double-break contacts.
  • Assembled with a neon lamp that?contains a built-in resistor.
  • Numerous lighting effects achievable by using white or clear rocker with colored filters or lamp covers, plus using different colors on each side of rocker.

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LW-Series Power-Rated Snap-in Illuminated Rocker Switches
Power-rated Snap-in Illuminated Rockers
  • 10A Power Level; Snap-in Mount, Incandescent and Neon Illumination, UL, CUL
  • Each half of the rocker face is distinctly illuminated due to partitioned rocker construction and dual lamps.
  • Selection of colored rocker filters and lamp covers provides numerous lighting combinations.
  • Snap-in mounting allows fast, easy installation of switch into panel.

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M2100-Series LED Tipped Illuminated Rocker & Paddle Switches
LED Tipped?Rockers and Paddle Switches
  • 6A Power Level & 0.4VA Logic Level; Snap-in, Frame and PCB Mount; Single or Bicolor LED, UL, CSA
  • Industry's first LED illumination at tip of toggle and paddle switches.
  • Single or bicolor LEDs meet varied design requirements.
  • Anti-jamming feature protects contacts from damage caused by?excessive downward force on the toggle.

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MLW-Series Snap-in Miniature Illuminated Rocker Switches
Snap-in Miniature Illuminated Rocker Switches
  • 5A Power Level; Snap-in Mount; LED, Incandescent and Neon Illumination, UL, cULus
  • Industry's first miniature snap-in, lighted rocker switch. Patented internationally.
  • Actuators in various styles operate with firm, well-defined movements.
  • Interlocking actuator prevents switch failure due to jamming or window locking.

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