Everyday Wear

We collected different kinds of books about clothing, ranging from clothes making, pattern, embroidary to co-ordination, so that people can understand more about the clothes they wear everyday.

  • Food

    Delicious Simplicity

    From preparing healthy cuisine to quick dinner, the simple yet delicious home cooking recipes are well-prepared.

  • Living

    Practice of Life

    Room design, home decoration, body health. Start from the things surrounded. From all ages and cultures, we gathered hints for living plentifully with less.

  • Travel

    Books to Go

    Travel notes and scribble about Hong Kong and Japan. By taking reference of others' travel experience, to feel the fun in ordinary life.

  • Education

    Fun Learning

    Games books, illustrations and story books, let the kids to learn the basics of pleasant life from parent-child interaction.

  • Entertainment

    Leisure Life

    Design, stationery, architecture, plants…various kinds of interest and hobbies bring relief and satisfaction to both body and mind, add values and fun to a meaningful daily life.

  • Taste of Life with

    Recommendation of the Month

    MUJI introduces Design and Lifestyle themed books via "Garment, Food, Living, Travel, Education and Entertainment", where to bring inspiration and enjoyment of life to others.

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