The Reason

Meeting different cleaning needs

Choose the suitable cleaning tools according to different locations.
Maintain your home easily.

Cleaning bathroom

Clean and wipe away extra moisture
on window glass or mirrors with our glass cleaners.
Choose from a squeegee, sponge or tile brush
to clean your washroom with ease.

Cleaning door
entrance and verandah

Our deck brushes have a fixed joint,
which makes cleaning easier.
Keep your outdoor area spick
and span with our brooms and dustpans.

Cleaning living room
and bedroom

The carpet cleaner has its own free-standing case
for easy storage.
The wide range of cleaning products
such as floor mop allows you
to maintain your home cleanliness with ease.

A dustbin that blends
well into the home interior

A simply-designed dustbin that blends into your home interior.
You can place the dustbin horizontally or vertically
depending on how much space there is.

Cleaning cracks and gaps

Point brushes are most suitable for cleaning grub in drains,
window sills or frames or even mesh nets for barbeque,
perfect for precise cleaning.