2020 Spring Summer Basic Wear

Last Update: 16 Mar 2020

“Simple”, “comfortable” and “durable” – these 3 basic design principles constitute the concept of MUJI daily wear. A basic wear item can fit into different daily scenarios for various looks.

Made with natural materials including cotton and linen, these items weave into your daily life following seasonal change.

Hashtag #MyMUJIDailyLook to share your seasonal coordination with us!

Items with simple design and durability are essential to everyday outfits. Share your versatile look with #MyMUJIDailyLook to illustrate your daily coordination in different scenarios.

A look for work with a black jacket and a blue shirt. Pair with sneakers for an approachable image.

A greyish blue tone brings a down-to-earth image, and you can elevate your look through layering by rolling your shirt sleeves.

The combination of white shirt and denim pants bring a classic spring look. Add a water repellent jacket with a pair of sneakers for a casual look when having outdoor activities.

The shirt's loose silhouette serves as a good match with wide pants for different body shapes. The A-shape jacket makes your look become more casual.

A loose fit but sturdy stand collar shirt is suitable to wear as an outer. Match with slim cut denim bottoms for a straight overall silhouette.

Choosing a shirt with shorter length can better show the high waist design of wide pants. Slightly roll your sleeves for a casual feeling.

Choose tops, bottoms and sneakers from a wide range of blue colours to complete your tone-on-tone coordination for a neat look with layers.

Choose the seasonal light blue as your outfit's main colour tone. Freshen up your look with a cardigan in rolled sleeves for simple layering.

A sturdy oxford shirt with V neck jacket in black creates a neat look with sharp silhouette. The basic match of black and white is suitable for anyone to wear.

Tuck your blue shirt in for a slimmer silhouette. Match with a white belt to complete your smart casual look.

Breathable linen shirts are suitable for spring and summer. Put on a linen jacket for layering and keeping your body cool.

Create your total look with loose and comfortable linen tops and pants for a relaxing and refreshing look.

Wear a short sleeves open collar shirt over another short sleeves T-shirt to reveal the inner cuff for layering effect.

Wear the linen shirt in seasonal colour as an outer with a mild-toned border T-shirt inside for a balanced layering.

Take the blue colour as the basic tone and match with a white T-shirt, backpack and socks to complete the bright look.

Mix and match using a cotton T-shirt and linen tops to show a layered look with different natural materials.

  • Men's French Linen Washed Short sleeves Shirt(Available in April)

  • Men's Organic Cotton Jersey Stripe Short sleeves T-Shirt(Available in April)

  • Water Repellent Sakosch

  • Men's Shock Absorbing Slip-On Sneakers(Available in April)

Style with a pair of sneakers in seasonal colour and a raffia hat made of natural material for a casual look.

Wear a loose fit onepiece dress as an outer and use a belt to show a slimmer waistline.

Wearing a fitted T-shirt and cardigan with a pair of loose fit pants can help flatter your body shape and make you look slimmer.

Wear a linen sweater as an outer with a light-coloured border T-shirt for a layering look.

Wear an onepiece dress over a skirt made of same material for an elevated layering style.

Matching light gray accessories with your blue-tone outfit can bring a simple and down-to-earth impression.