Warmth from nature.

Warmth from

A blend of Yak and Merino wool results in increased softness and smoothness.
Yaks have long lived together with people on the Tibetan plateau,
at freezing temperatures and at an altitude above 3,000m.
When their hair fluffs up, it is gently removed by hand.
The winter hair of the Yaks will return before winter comes.

Borrowing the warmth of Mother NatureYak wool

Blending yak hair and wool creates a material that is softer and smoother.

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The resources provided by yaks are used extensively for various purposes, such as using its meat as food, its milk as a drink, its stools as a source of fuel, its horns as medicine, all of which deeply rooted in the locals' way of life.


Made from delicate hair

The coat hair of a yak protects the animal's body from the extreme cold of the plateaus which can reach temperatures of -20℃, and serves as an excellent material that has both heat retention properties and elasticity.

The hair of yaks is not sheared but manually collected by hand according to the timing of the natural growth of new hair.

Using yak hair without waste

The thin and delicate hair of yaks is used to produce high-gauge knitwear. Slightly thicker hair that is separated by combing is used for middle-gauge knitwear.

These products make the most of the gifts of nature without waste by employing the knitting method that best suits the thickness of yak hair.

  • yak-made-thin

    Made from fine hair

    Soft and smooth high-gauge knitwear

  • yak-made-thick

    Made from slightly thicker hair

    Middle-gauge knitwear with a fluffy surface texture


Using natural colors as they are

From the product colors available, Dark Mocha Brown items are made using the original color of natural yak hair. Items of other colors are made by dying natural yak hair in a way that makes the most of its underlying original color.

These products allow the colors and warmth of animals that thrive amidst nature to be shared with others in their original form. This is one of the core aims that guide MUJI's creation of new products.

Achieving a smooth finish

By blending the delicate downy hair of yaks with shiny merino wool of similar fiber thickness, a material with a smooth texture is created.

You can experience the comfort of wearing knitwear that feels great on your skin.

Women's yak wool image

Women's yak wool

In addition to Dark Mocha Brown which makes the most of the original color of natural yak hair, other elegant colors are also available. With high-gauge knitwear that has a smooth touch and middle-gauge knitwear that allows you to experience the distinctive quality of the fabric used, your range of possible outfits will become more exciting than ever.

Men's yak wool image

Men's yak wool

By dying the natural yak hair in a way that makes the most of its underlying original color, products possessing a depth of color are created. The hem and cuffs of the knitwear are subtly shaped so that it can be worn comfortably.